Identity card:

Full name: Eli Cohen.
Parent’s names: Shaull and Sofi.
Year of Birth: 1924
Where Born: Alexandria, Egypt.
Year of Death: 1965.
Where Died: Narza, Syria.
Profession: spy for Israel.
Key Words: Eli Cohen.
What he is famous for: Because he was an Israeli spy, and Syria caught him, and hung him.


1. What motivated you to immigrate to Israel?
When I was 20 years old, I joined the Zionist movement. I devoted and dedicated I to the Zionist movement, which took all my time. After "Mevza Kadesh" I immigrated to Israel.

2. What was it like to live in a foreign land and still be Jewish?
In Alexandria all the Jews were together as a community and they were able to practice their religion freely. No one forced them to convert.

3. When were you drafter to the secret service?
I was drafted to the Secret Service on May 24, 1960. On June 10 they informed me that I passed the tests to be a spy.

4. How did you know how to speak Arabic?
my family always spoke (in their house) in Arabic and French at home.

5. What were the basic criteria to become a spy?
I needed to have two basic things, one, to look like an Arab and two, to know how to speak Arabic.

6. Which identity did they create for you?
The Mossad gave me the identity of a business man that lived in Buenos Aries and came back to Syria. my new name was Kamel Amin

7. Was it hard for you to adapt to a new identity?
Yes, because now I needed to forget my identity and past in Egypt. I did all his work secretly and no one knew about it.

8. How were Eli successfully in the confidence of many Syrian military and government officers?
I lived in the Syrian community in Buenos Aries, I knew the leaders and had a letter of recommendation that helped me become part of the Syrian government.

9. How did you have connection with your commanders, which were in Israel, how did you pass on information?
I sent the information using Morse code and occasionally visiting Israel in person.

10. How were you caught?
On January 1965, paid Soviet experts caught me in the act of sending a radio message after a large amount of radio interference brought attention.

11. What information did you pass to Israel?
I sent secret letter to Israel, my most important achievement was to tour the Syrian fortifications on the Golan Heights.

12. Did Israel do something to get you out?
Israel did everything in her power to get me out and to prevent my death, and they hoped to trade me in exchange for Syrian spies.

13. What is your last wish?
My last wish is to write a letter to my wife and family.

Eil Cohen’s last letter:

My dear nation Israel, these are my last words to you before I accept my sentence.
Since I was a child I was always educated to love the land of Israel, the place of the ingathering of all the exiles and to give all you have for the country till the day I died.
I started my journey when my family and I immigrated to Israel from Egypt. After that I was drafted to the Israeli information service and since then I started my duty as a spy in Syria for Israel.
This duty demanded a lot from me. In the beginning, I had to leave my wife and my children and to have my wife, Nadia, educate our children alone. Later, as part of my duty, they gave me a new identity, and because of that I needed to lie and risk my life to get in to the Syrian government, and find out the deep secrets, and all that when I'm at a very big risk.
All the time when I was a spy I felt a commitment to the country. I felt that I am contributing to Israel, to my country and to my nation Israel. This strengthened my spirit, and helped to me in the difficult the dangerous moments. I felt that you trust me.
All this time I needed to be very careful. I knew that if I failed and would say some word that I shouldn't to say, even one, they will catch me and my punishment will be death.
I cannot say that I was not afraid. There was some times that death was close. Too close. But I always felt that countr protected me, that the spirit of the nation made me stronger and lead me forward to the next mission. Even when I was in prison I felt that all of you are with me. The Jewish spirit and faith was my food in those days.
When I was a spy for Israel, there were many moments of fear. Many moments of ignorance, of darkness and prayed.
Every time that I was close to being caught, I would always pray that I should have another chance to help my country.
Just one more chance to help you with what I can. I don’t have any complaints, I got a lot of chances, and for that I grateful.
I’m writing to you right now, after I received my sentence, after I didn’t get another chance to help you. After I didn’t get another chance to step on the Holy land. After I didn’t get just one more time to see my wife and my children, to tell them how much I love them. How much I miss them. How much I am proud of them.
I know that you did all that you can to delay the trial, to bring me a lawyer from Israel and to save my life. I wish to thank you. It seems that my fate is cast and my life is over. I want to thank you for supporting me and for being with me in my hardest times, mentally, if not physically.
I’ve done all I can to help to help you and hope that I’ve succeeded. I hope I have expressed some of my feelings.
I hope you appreciate your lives and their quality. Love and appreciate the land you live in, use every minute so you can be proud when your day is done.


Eli Cohen born in Alexandria in Egypt in 1924.His family always spoke Arabic and French at home,and that helped him in his future.
In 1944, Eli was 20 years old. He joined the Zionist movement. Where he devoted and dedicated himself to the Zionist movement, which took all his time.
After "Mevza Kadesh" he immigrated to Israel. Eli was drafted to the secret service on May 24, 1960. On June 10 they informed him that he passed all the tests to be a spy. To be a spy Eli needed to have two basic things:
1) To look like an Arab.
2) To know how to speak Arabic.
And Eli had both of these.
The mossad gave Eli the identity of a businessman that lived in Buenos Aries and came back to Syria. His new name was Kamel Amin T'sabet. Eli learned the basis of the Islamic Religion, and thought that he needed to know as a businessman. Eli become closer to the Syrian and Lebanese community in Buenos Aries And knew its leaders. He received letters of recommendation that helped him become part of the Syrian government.
Eli had connections with his commanders that were in Israel using Mores Code, using this he sent very important information to Israel.
In January 1965, paid soviet experts caught Eli in the act of sending a radio message after a large amount of radio interference brought attention.
Eli was tortured a lot. Israel did everything in its power to get him out and prevent his death. They hoped to trade him in exchange for Syrian spies. The head rabbi of the Jewish community in Syria stayed with Eli in his last minutes of life, and made his last wish come true.
The Rabbi brought the letter that Eli had written to his wife and his children.





I decide to do my project on Eli Cohen. A few weeks before we had to choose our topic, I read a book that as written about my father's aunt who was an Israeli spy in Lebanon. My great aunt's story was very mportantnd interesting to me and made me want to learn about another spy's life. this subject raised a lot of questions and made me want to research Eli Cohen's life to better understand this opic. It interested me to find out how they can leave they house and family and go to unknown territory. How do hey agree to risk their lives without knowing what will happen to them the next day? Where did the ourage to lie and hide important things in order to help our land come from? learnt a lot from doing this project.I learnt what it means to love your land, to have courage, and to be willing to sacrifice your life. i enjoyed learning and writing about this amazing person. All the people in Israel must hear Eli Cohen's story, his footsteps, and be proud that there are people like him. i hope that you enjoyed reading our project. I think that Eli Cohen appreciates that his name is not forgotten and his action were not in vain.


I wanted to do my project about Eli Cohen because his life story is very interesting for me. In my life we always talk about Eli, in school, in Bnei Akiva, and at home. We are told about his life, about his donation to the Jewish people, to the land of Israel and about how he risked his life for us. I wanted to know more details about Eli, what did exactly he do, how did he donate, I think that after what he did he deserves that we do a project about him and that we dedicate a few moments from our life to learning about him. From the project l learned about Eli, about the special things that did a lot for us. I learned about the risk that spies take, I learned about the power that spies have – to help a whole nation. I am proud to be in this great nation that has people like Eli in it, I am proud of Eli and his family that support Eli and help him to continue in his work.


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