David Ben Gurion

ID card

Full Name: David Ben Gurion.Parents Names: Avigdor & Shaindel Green.

Year of Birth: 1886.
Where Born: Plonsk, Poland.
Year of Death: 1973.
Where Died: Sde-Boker, Israel.
Profession: Zionist, prime minister.
Key Words: Prime Minister, Government, Zionists, Kibbutz Sde-Boker.
What he is famous for: He was prime minister of the state of Israel when it was founded in May 1948 || ||

Rationale and Reflection


I choose to make my project about David Ben Gourion because he was big and important man who changes our life.
He interesting me-what he doing in his day by day, his family, his job...
And I interest to know who was this man who build our sta.

I very enjoyed doing the project and I learned about David Ben Gourion and about the history of Israel. I hope that I take from him his devotion and to do moves in our world.
I learned English and I expend my vocabulary in the subject.


I decided to do our project and learn about David Ben Gurion because he was a very important person. He was the first Prime Minister of Israel and he had the courage to declare on the establishment of the state of Israel. He was very zionistic and he did a lot of things for Israel.
He established ziony's societies and made Ali'ia when he was a little child.
I wanted to know more things about this important person and to see when he came fromand what did he do in his life.

From this project I learned a lot. I learned about David Ben Gurion's life, what he did and where he was. I discovered that we had a very special Prime Minister and he did a lot of things. I enjoyed doing the project very much.
I learned also to write better in English and to type faster.
I am very happy that I did it because I got a lot from it.


1. Why did you decide to live in Sede Boker?
I decieded to live in Sede Boker because I think that to settle the desolate Negev is a big and important ideal , and if the people will not gain control on the desert-the desert will take over the people.
The first time I came to Sede Boker was during a trip. Sede Boker was one year old Kibbutz which did not belong to any Kibbutz organization. They tried to prove that the desert can be settled and people can live there happily. I was fascinated! I wanted to go to a quiet place where I could write my memories with no distraction and of course to bring up and teach the next generation of the children, the young boys and girls of Israel, that the desert should and can settled and to be a live example for them.

2. How did your home education influence your thoughts?
In my childhood I learned in a traditional "Heder" , everyone there spoke Yiddish , they wanted to teach me Hebrew , but I already knew Hebrew from home. After that I learned in a modern "Heder" which my father founded , everyone there spoke Hebrew. My father was one of the first members of the "Chovevei Zion" movement. From my father I learnt to love Hebrew , to yearn to live in Zion and want to give to public needs. Our home was an open house to all, and many people came there and spoke about Jewish problems.

3. What was the main purpose of the "Ezra" movement and why did you establish it?
When I was 14 years old I establish with my friends Shlomo Tzemach and Shlomo Lavi movement named "Ezra" in memory of the scholar Ezra that called to the Jewish in Bavel to come to Israel ant build her – that was our call to our brothers in the Gola.
Our movement had 3 goals:
- To teach and learn Hebrew.
- To contribute to the building of Israel.
- To make Aliya to Israel.
In our movement there were 150 youth members that created a Zionistic atmosphere in the city.

4. What was the aim of the "Baltimore congress"?
In 1942 after great Britain forbel Jewish Aliya to Israel I conceived
The idea of " congress" there was the "Baltimore plan" agreed. The aims of the plan were:
1. Free Aliya for Jews.
2. The Histadrut will take care of development of non settled lands in Israel.
3. Israel will be a Jewish independent stat.
It was the first time we openly claim about our aim: a Jewish stat in Eretz Israel, and not only a "shelter" or "a Jewish home"!
The congress was to colled because a simple reason-it takes place at "Baltimore" Hotel.

5. Why did you chang your name from "Green"?
I looked for an Israeli name. My second name, "Green" sounded too strange to me. I came to Israel to live here and be a part of the country and I became its leader. I don't think a secular name is fitting for an Israeli leader. I took this name "Ben Gurion" from one of the last defenders of Jerusalem against Rome.

6. Why did you have a club in your home and what did learn there?
I believe that our right to the land of Israel is based on the Bible and this is our proof that Israel belongs to us. I opened this Bible club in my home to instill the love of the Bible in the next generation that they will love it and learn from it. We learned all the stories about our forefathers and prophets. Especially we emphasized settling the land , the redemption and our right to this land. After that I initiated the Bible Quiz for children and grown ups.

7. How did you come to Israel?
I learned engineering in Warsaw so I will know how to build houses in Israel. There I became attached to group of people named "Poalei Zion" that their lofty aspiration was to come to Israel and to build it. After a wile insurrection a beg in Poland and I was taken captive until my father came and took me out. From Poland I departed to Israel in a ship. When I came to the land of Israel my hart was throbbing fast. I was courageous, healthy and complete with confidence.

8. What was the difficulties in your integration in Israel?
I came to Iafo (where was the port) I very don't like her she was dirty and noisy city.
I started going to "Petah-Tikva" there was fascinated and I thought" this is Eretz Israel" the following day we start to work in the fields. This was very difficult. I have corns, pain and especial fever every two weeks. her was also hunger, terrible shortage.

9. Why did you call our state, the name "Israel"?
There were few offers: "Yehuda" "Zion" "ever"
"Ertz Israel"
I suggested the name "Israel". In the beginning it sounds strange
"I-s-r-a-e-l"… but at the end the most of members of "Minhelet Haam" chose the name "Israel".

10. Tell us abut the day of the the Independence of Israel.
At night I slept about two hours! In the morning of the 5th of Iyar I got news from the "Hagana" that General Kingham who was the last governor in Israel will came back to England in the morning-I was happy.
When the 'secret' about the Declaration of Independence of Israel came out people went to the streets with little flags.
The declaration was in Meir Dizengof's house (the mayor's house)
All the people sang the "Hatikva" and I read the independence chart and then proclaimed the birth of the Israeli state.
Rabbi Maimon said the "Shehyanou" blessing and he was very excited, and then began the parties!!


Good evening
To open my speech I want to thank you for giving to me the opportunity to be here and to get this price.
I want also thank my friends and my family, this lovely audience.

I was born in Poland; there my father was in the Poaley Zion movement, I joined the movement after my father and came to Israel.
When I was 20 years old I came to Petach Tikva, from there I move to other places and became a farmer.
From there I moved to Jerusalem, the holy city, there I became a journalist.
My aim was to build in Israel a group of Jewish power; this group became the Histadruot Haaovdim in Israel in 1920.
In 1930 we built Mifleget Poaly Eretz Israel.
And after 5 years I became the chair man of the Vaad Haziony and the jewish agency.
After the establishment of the state of Israel, in 1948, I established the temporary government and after the elections I was the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister.
Today I am standing here excited but soon I want to move to Sde-Boker in the Negev to settle it, to write my memories and to educate the next generation.
I bless the Jewish National Fund for the 50,000,000 first trees that were planted in Israel-those who started need to finish! We need to plant more and more trees and to bloom the Negev.
Thank you very much that you prefer me!
With the bless of Zion,
David Ben Gurion.


David Ben Gurion was born in Folansk in Polin. He grow up in a very Zionist home. He was educated to love the home land, the nation, the Babel and the language. In the home they talk mainly Hebrew but also sometimes Yiddish. is father was from the establish of "Hovevy-zion" his home was assemble place for Zionist .when he was 12 years aold his mother dead.
David learned in "Heder" where they were speak on Yiddish and after that he move to "improved" heder where they were speak on Hebrew.

When he was 14 years old he established the "Ezra" found that educated children and teenagers to talk and learn Hebrew, to build Israel and to do Ali'ah.
David grown up and made Ali'ah with "Poalei Zion" that there goal was to come to Israel.
When David came to Israel he worked in Petach-Tikva. The work was hard, David got malaria one's two weeks-the doctors told him to leave the country but he was stubborn and stay to realization his vision.
He left to the Galil and there he was in a lot of settlement but he feel that his real home is in Sarja.
When he was 24 years old, after 4 years of working the land, he left to Jerusalem to be journalist in "Achdut" – the weekly about the laborers life. On his first article he stumper with his name- Ben Gurion.
When he came back from the "Achdut" conference he decide to learn court hearing in Istanbul. In Istanbul he learned with a few students from Israel, one of them was Yitzhak Ben Tzvi. He hoped to be the Jewish representative in the Turkish parliament.
After the Balfour Declaration in 1917 David Ben Gurion and Yitzhak Ben Tzvi established the Jewish Regiment that helped to the British in the war to restrain the country. He wanted to join to the regiment but his wife- Pola didn’t let him because she was pregnancy. Finally she became convinced and he join the regiment, they conquered Israel and a new period started.
Pola made Ali'ah with there tauter Geula. David worked in "Achdut Ha'avoda" and because of that he was coerced to fly to London and Pola joined him and there burned they second sun- Amos.
One's few years burglarized incidents but the harder were in 1929, the Arabs killed the Jewish but the British didn’t do anything. The "Hagana" revealed a big helping for the Jewish and Ben Gurion cheer up The Hagana because he believed that only us can to protect our self.
After the incidents, the British ereated a committee of inquiry – "Sheo" that in her end they published "The White Paper" that said to the Jewish that they ore not allowed to come to Israel and to buy grounds.
In the Zionist congress, David Ben Gurion came on the stage and said very hard words to the government of England. After that Dr. Vaizman said that the government isn't act according to the Balfor declaration and because of that he retired.
In the 19th Zionist congress the "Poaly Eretz Israel" party won and a new government was chosen. At the head, David Ben Gurion was chosen.
In 1948, David Ben Gurion declaredthe Independence of Israel and became it's minister and minister of security.
When he was minister he retired a few times. In 1953, he retired and lived in "Sde Boker".In1955, he came back to be the Minister of Securityand after the election he became minister again.
In June 1963, he left the government and established "the list of Poaly Eretz Israel"
In 1970, he left to "Sde Boker" and wrote his "memoirs" (memories).


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