Charlie Chaplin

Naama Demsky & Tal Shechter


Full name: Charles Spencer Chaplin.
Parents' names: Hannah and Charles.
Year of birth: 16, April, 1889.
Where born: Walworth, London, England.
Year of death: 25, December, 1977 (age 88).
Where died: Vevey, Switzerland.
Profession: English comedy actor.
Key words: Charles Chaplin
What he is famous for: Chaplin was one of the most creative and influential personalities in the silent film era.


Charlie Chaplin was born in Walworth, London, England, To Charles and Hannah.
They had a show that had a few short scenes in which Charlie Chaplin participated.
When Charlie was 3 years old, His parents separated
Charlie continued his relationship with his father, but his mother was the one who raised him and his brother, She was the one who taught him how to act.
Charlie was a sickly child so he was confined to bed. His mother used to sit by him and act out what was going on what she saw out the window.
When Charlie was 12 years old, his mother was hospitalized in an institution for mentally ill patients, therefore Charlie had to take care of his mother and earn a living.
He traveled from orphanage to orphanage.

The first time Charlie went on stage at the age of 5, was in his parents show.
When he was 11 years old, Charlie got a job in the "Cinderella play" and after that he played little roles in different places in London.
Charlie knew how to improvise and how to act well, but his first real job was when he joined the "The Eight Lancashire Lads", a group that danced and song songs.
When Charlie was in America, a producer named Mack Sennet singer a contract with him and a year and a half later, he became a movie star.
When Charlie started to produce and direct silent films the films were between 10-15 minutes long and their purpose was to entertain the working class.
Silent films were not considered an art, they were seen as violent and with lack of content. In contrast to the rest of his colleagues, he started to create real life comedy that was exciting and increased the status of comedy in the cinema and its value in the eyes of people. It captivated the crowds in America and Europe.
Already from Chaplin’s second movie he formulated the famous and popular character of ‘The Tramp’ that captivated crowds from all over the world, from the beginning of film until our time, he continues to excite us.
The character that Charlie plays himself is dressed in a top hat, black shoes- that are to big for him by a few sizes, a small square mustache, an old suit, a duck waddle and a walking stick, The tramp character is one of a gentleman, a tramp that comes from nowhere, does funny things, saves a girl and disappears, The tramp appears in those movies to- The Child, The Gold Rush and others.

After Charlie played "The Tramp" which was a big success, he became a very famous director, screenplay, writer and editor of his movies.
He earned $10,000 a week (Today, this money is worth more than $1,000,000).

Charlie received many awards for his versatile talent.
Charlie won his first Oscar on May 16, 1929, Chaplin had been nominated for both 'Best Actor' and 'Best Comedy Directing' for his movie 'The Circus', but the Academy decided to give him a special award "for versatility and genius in acting, writing, directing and producing The Circus" instead.
Chaplin's second Oscar award was 44 years later, in the year 1972, In March 4, 1975, when Charlie was 85 years old, he was knighted as a Knight Commander of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.

Charlie Chaplin is known for his acting in silent films but he also contributed to the film industry by, directing, producing, and composing as well, Charlie Chaplin changed motion pictures from a new form of entertainment to a form of art and therefore is the most famous person of his time.


1. How did you become famous?
Charlie: I started the age of 5 to perform in my parents show.
When I was 11, I got a job in the “Cinderella play” and after that I played little roles in different places in London.
In the year 1906, I joined a famous band of Fred Karno's- “Fun Factory” that went on a road show. When we got to America, a producer named Mack Sennett signed a contract with me and after a year and a half, I become a movie star.

2. Who taught you how to act?
Charlie: My mom taught me how to act and sing.

3. How many movies did you produce?
Charlie: I made a lot of movies- I wrote, directed and edited close to 68 movies.

4. Which awards did you get?
Charlie: I won two honorary Oscars. On March 4, 1975, I was knighted as a Knight Commander of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II.

5. What do you do in your life besides acting?
Charlie: Except of acting, I am a director, screenplay writer, choreographer, producer and I composer all of my movies.

6. Did you put in your political opinions in your movies?
Charlie: Yes, my political sympathies always lay with the left and because of that I wasn’t allowed to come back to my country after I left there.

7. What kinds of movies did you make?
Charlie: I created silent films and regular movies.

8. Have you found a true love?
Charlie: Hetty Kelly was my 'true' first love. A dancer, who I met in London when she was 15 and I was 19 years old. I was devastated in 1921 when I found out that she had died of influenza.
In the years 1916–1917, I met Edna Purviance, my first adult leading lady and we were involved in a close romantic relationship.

On October 23, 1918, when I was 29 years old I married Mildred Harris- a popular child actress, when she was 16 year old.
We had one child, Norman Spencer Chaplin, who died when he was a young.
We divorced in 1920.

I was involved in a very public relationship and engagement to the actress Pola Negri in 1922–1923. After 9 months we decided to break up.

When I was 35, I became involved with Lita Grey when she was 16 year old.
We married on November 26, 1924 after she became pregnant. We had two sons- Charles Chaplin Jr. and Sydney Earle Chaplin. My marriage was a disaster and we divorce in 1928.

May Reeves was hired to be my secretary on my trip to Europe in 1931-1932.
I ended the relationship and she left me.

I met Paulette Goddard and I was involved in a romantic and professional relationship between 1932 and 1940.

I met Joan Berry in 1942 and we had an affair for a year.

After that, I met Oona O'Neill, and married her on June 16, 1943. I was 54 and she was 17. Our marriage was long and happy. We had three sons: Christopher, Eugene and Michael Chaplin and five daughters: Geraldine, Josephine, Jane, Victoria and Annette-Emilie Chaplin. She died from a cancer in 1991.

9. What changed in your career?
Charlie: When I was on a trip to the U.S.A I had a tragic event, I had a blood clot in my brain. After that it was very difficult for me to walk and figure out what is going on around me.

10. How much money did you earn?
Charlie: After I played "The tramp" that was a big success, I become a famous, director, screenplay writer and editor of my movies and I got $10.000 a week (Today, this money is worth more then a $1,000,000).
In the year 1917, I signed a contract with the movie company- "First national" and I was the first actor that earned $1,000,000!!!


I am very exited to stand here today to accept this prestigious Oscar.
It is a great honor to stand here before a group of people that know how to appreciate art.
There are people that ask themselves about acknowledging this area of comic cinema. The answer is that especially in troubled times like ours: times of struggle and wars, people are in need of something that will alleviate their depression and cause them to laugh.
It is a great gift and service to have the opportunity to try and influence so many people.
When I started to produce and direct silent films, the films were between 10-15 minutes and their purpose was to entertain the working class.
Silent films were not considered an art, they were seen as violent and with lack of content. In contrast to the rest of my colleagues I started to create real life comedy that was exiting and that increased the status of comedy in the cinema in addition to its value in the eyes of people. It captured crowds in America and Europe.
On this occasion I would like to thank: my mother who sent me to learn to act and to love the art, from an early age.
My brother who helped me get my first parts.
And last but not least, Mack Sent, who signed me onto the contract and believed in me. And because of him I am standing here today.
So don’t stop going to the cinema, watch movies and laugh!!!


I learned a few things from this project-The project helped me with my writing on the computer in English and how to understand better the English sites.
I new very little about the things that Charlie Chaplin did but in the project I discovered how much he did in the cinema and how hw made the movies more fun and enjoyable for all the people.
Charlie was a talented and a creative man, he believed in himself and because of that he became what he is today even though he was a little man in the beginning.
We should all learn from him that a little dream could be in the end a huge reality- like 2 Oscars (in Chaplin case…)

Tal Shechter

I choose to do this project about Charley Chaplin because he looks to me a really interesting personality and he had an amazing successful career especially in a war time.But the main reason is to know how Charley who was born to a poor family, succeeded to be one of the most famous and important movie characters in history.
Till this day his movies have been nostalgic and people continue to watch them and fall in love.When I worked on my project, I got so much from it, such as progress on the technical side: to write paragraphs correctly and logically times, new words, to translate hard texts, to learn which information is important to me and what is unnecessary, I also type faster in English on the computer.In short I enjoyed learning about Charley Chaplin and where creating a project about him.

Naama Demsky